Kreepy Krauly® Legend® II

Pressure-Side Inground Pool Cleaner

Legend II Automatic Pool Cleaner Eco Select

Legend II cleaner provides pressure-side power without the added energy consumption of a booster pump. That means fast, through cleaning and a lower cost to operate. Dual-jetted design powers water through unit to create powerful vacuum action.

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  • Superior cleaning power without a booster pump
  • Front-wheel drive design assures maximum traction on inclined surfaces for total pool coverage
  • Four wheel design prevents tipping (common with 3 wheel cleaners) for uninterrupted and unattended performance
  • Dual thrust jets for maximum power, speed and performance
  • Automatic back-up feature prevents hang-ups by steps and in corners to assure uninterrupted and unattended performance
  • Heavy-duty, large-capacity twist lock collection bag for long periods between cleanings and ease of maintenance
  • Available in Grey/White or all Grey

Product Description Approx. Ship.
Weight (lbs)
370376Z Disposable Debris Bag Kit (4) 0.2 lbs
370377Z Clamp Kit Disposable Bag White 0.2 lbs
370378Z Clamp Kit Disposable Bag Gray 0.2 lbs
Product Description Carton Qty. Carton Wt (Lbs)
LX5000G Legend II - Grey Top, White Bottom Cleaner for lighter colored pools 1 20
LX5000GG Legend II - All Grey Cleaner for darker colored pools 1 20