Heat Pump Calculator

Heat pumps can provide the most efficient pool and spa heating in regions where they’re practical. This calculator tool captures information about a pool’s location, size and configuration to provide the right heat pump solution to fit a pool owner’s specific needs.

Get started by making the appropriate location selections below. For city, select the one closest to the project.

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Pool/Spa Information

Don't know surface area?

Heater Information

In order to calculate savings with a heat pump, the calculator needs information on the comparison heater and fuel cost.

Check the box if the heater will only be used as a backup to the heat pump.

Estimated cost per therm: $

Enter actual cost

Pool Cover

Set the slider to the total hours the pool cover is used in a 24-hour period, regardless of daytime or nighttime.

Electrical Rate/Pool Temp

Estimated electrical rate: $

Enter actual rate

Set the slider to the desired daily runtime in hours for the heat pump. This can be very important in areas where utility rates vary at different times of the day.

Months of Operation

Environmental Conditions

Indoor Pool

Recommended Heat Pump:

Change # of Units

Total Savings

Month Air Temp Water Temp Heat Pump Run Hrs Heat Pump Cost Gas Heater Cost Savings Total Operating Cost
Pool/Spa Information
Heater Info
Pool Cover
Electric Info
Environmental Conditions

Unchecked—The program is in comparison mode.

The heat pump system's operating costs are compared to the cost of operating the existing heater.

Checked—The heat pump is in backup mode.

Use the option to activate the existing heater when the heat pump capacity is below the capacity required to maintain the pool at the set temperature, which otherwise would cause a temperature drop in colder months.

The program will calculate the additional cost of using the backup heater. This function is only activated when the heat pump capacity is too small to maintain temperature.